Australia’s ONLY Mastermind for Wedding Suppliers wanting to build a thriving, profitable (and fun!) wedding business!


Australia’s ONLY Mastermind for Wedding Suppliers wanting to build a thriving, profitable (and fun!) wedding business!



Haidee Sullivan

‘This program has been invaluable to building my confidence and I have seen my business truly thrive! I highly recommend The Love Biz CEO for anyone who is looking for a boost to their business’


Bec Jackson

‘Laura provides you with all the support and resources you need. Whether you’re a new or established wedding vendor, sign up to The Love Biz CEO! You won't regret it!’


Karlee Scanlan

‘The Love Biz CEO has allowed me to take my business to the next level and shaped me into the business owner I am today’


Michelle Cedro

‘I’m about to start the next round of this program because the first 6 months were so brilliant!

Invest in yourself by doing this – it’s so worth it!’

I know right now you feel a bit lost, overwhelmed and stuck when it comes to trying to grow your wedding business…

💜 You abso-freakin-lutely LOVE what you do (and you’re bloody good at it!) but you just can’t seem to shift from the side-hustle phase into the real deal

💜 You’re crazy talented, passionate and have incredible ideas but there just feels like there’s always so much to do and you have no idea what to do next…

You're not alone!

Since launching in 2021, this one-of-a-kind program has supported 100 incredible wedding suppliers turn their passion into profit and build the business of their dreams!

• Over 60% of them have since QUIT their 9-5 jobs and gone ALL IN on their Love Biz!

• The rest have cut back hours at their day job because their business is growing so fast!

• They’ve been featured in Vogue

• Officiated ceremonies on Live TV

• Doubled their corporate salaries

• Consistently booking their dream couples at the most incredible venues

And most importantly - they finally have the freedom, fun, flexibility and family time they always wanted!! 💜

The Love Biz CEO is a totally unique 3 month Mastermind program for wedding creatives who want to build their dream business!

It’s been designed by wedding professionals for wedding professionals so you know that you’ll always be getting the support, knowledge and insight you need specifically for our (quite often crazy!) industry.

If you want to earn the money you deserve and build a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted then this is for you!


The Love Biz CEO is a totally unique 6 month Mastermind program for wedding creatives who want to build their dream business!

It’s been designed by wedding professionals for wedding professionals so you know that you’ll always be getting the support, knowledge and insight you need specifically for our (quite often crazy!) industry.

If you want to earn the money you deserve and build a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted then this is for you!


Meet your new coach and biz cheerleader!

Hey gorgeous, I’m Laura 👋

Wifey, mumma, lover of cheese, coffee, 90’s pop music and trash TV (#guilty)

As well as being a qualified teacher with a degree in Psychology - I’m also an award winning wedding celebrant; officiating ceremonies all over the world.

I built my 6-figure wedding business while juggling my corporate 9-5 so I know just how hard it is to do allllllll the things.

I also know how much unnecessary time, money and effort I wasted in those early days!

I also know how many mistakes I made!

I leapt in with no plan, just the mindset that ‘as long as I just keep booking more and more and more weddings’ then i’d magically have the business of my dreams!

Oh how wrong I was (cue the instant overwhelm and burn out!)

Since becoming a mum in 2020 I realised that working every single moment of every single day is NOT why I started my own business.

I’ve since completely restructured absolutely everything about my Love Biz to make it less about what society thinks ‘success’ is and more about what I want…

And that’s
• Freedom
• Flexibility
• Family Time
• Fun!

It’s now my mission to help more women create the business of their dreams without the hustle and heartache (and especially without sacrificing every single weekend!)

The Love Biz CEO is Australia’s ONLY mastermind and group coaching experience specifically for Wedding Pros!

So if you’re serious about growing your Love Biz then you need to be in!!


Candice (or Candy B as she's affectionately known in our community!) is one of our incredible Love Biz coaches and has been supporting women in the CEO Mastermind for a whole year.

As a multi-award winning full time marriage celebrant and small business owner (with more side gigs than you can shake a stick at!), it's fair to say that this lady knows a thing or two about running a successful business and navigating life in the wedding industry.

She gets a thrill out of solving the problems you never even knew you had. Consider her your voice of reason among the chaos!

Having spent over a decade as a broadcast journalist, she's cool as a cucumber in a crisis and can show you how to put your best foot (and face) forward to represent your own Love Biz!

A fellow mumma to 2 kiddos, she's your voice of reason amongst the chaos and the cheerleader everyone wants in their corner.

So how does it all work?

This is a 3 month business immersion and life transformation program!

Sustainable businesses require consistency, momentum and strategy. This is what you’ll create in your time with us.

In this program you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know about building your business the way YOU want to!

Whether it’s chasing a 6-figure income or more work-life balance, you’ll be given all the support, advice, resources and accountability you need to make it happen!

As a mum, i’m passionate about working smarter, not harder (look, we need as much sleep as we can get right?) So the aim of this program is to provide you with ways to save time, money and overwhelm whilst growing your business.


  • The importance of branding and how you can make your tooshy stand out from the crowd
  • Hacks for selling yourself without feeling like a sleazy car salesman!
  • How to manage your biz finances like a boss
  • Ways to diversify your income and work smarter, not harder
  • Proven strategies for landing your dream couples (on repeat!)
  • How to create and plan your social media content with ease
  • Tools for streamlining your processes and saving you heaps of time
  • How to make more money (without taking on more clients!)
  • How to embrace your CEO mindset and overcome that niggling imposter syndrome
  • How to build and grow your team
  • Plus HEAPS more!


🧡 3 Month Program Access

Because thriving, sustainable businesses are the result of consistency, you get a full year inside this incredible program so you can fully settle in and build momentum.

🧡 Access to the CEO Business Accelerator Curriculum. (Valued at $2500)

Over 50 hours of innovative teachings and trainings inside an interactive online Hub, expertly curated to take your wedding biz to the next level.

🧡 CEO Biz Boosters (Valued at $1000)

Over 30 business templates and DFY resources designed to 10x your growth and maximise your impact.

🧡 Access to the CEO Lounge (Priceless)

Your community of passionate, creative and supportive biz besties and a space to feel inspired, supported and motivated.

🧡 CEO Challenges (Valued at $1000)

Create even more momentum in your biz and elevate your CEO mindset with our quarterly challenges

🧡 Access to the CEO Experts Hub (Valued at $1500)

Over 15 trainings and masterclasses from some of the best business experts in Australia, including all the juicy tea on: branding, copywriting, SEO, accounting, mindset and more.

🧡 Quarterly virtual retreats with Laura (Valued at $2000)

Every 3 months you’ll join Laura for a live group retreat to plan out the next 90 days in your business.

🧡 Fortnightly Support Calls (Valued at $2400)

Join the Love Biz team every fortnight for our hot-seat coaching calls. Hop inside to get instant support and ask all your burning questions.

🧡 Marketing & Copy Audits (Valued at $2400)

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to submit something you’re working on for personalised review and feedback. This is GOLD!

🧡 20% discount in the Love Biz Shop (Priceless)

Use your exclusive discount code to access all the other goodies you need at anytime during the 3 months.







Does this sound familiar?

So far you’ve gone at it alone - and you’ve done pretty well. But things haven’t taken off as well as you’d hoped. You’re not sure if you’re even making a profit, you feel like you’re just work work working all the damn time and to be perfectly honestly, you’re feeling a little over it.

You’ve tried all the memberships, networks, groups and courses going - but nothing has given you the support, knowledge and accountability you’ve been looking for…

You’ve seen other programs out there, but nothing that catered specifically for you and your wedding business…

It’s got to the point where you’re missing out on time with your kids, your partner and your fur-babies and you just want to create some more freedom to enjoy your work but also create that balance.

Then this one-of-a-kind program is exactly what you need!


This powerhouse has been a Love Biz OG since day one and we couldn't think of anyone better to represent this community and support all the women in it, than her!

After joining the CEO Mastermind in 2021, Tahnee quit her high-flying corporate gig to live her best Love Biz life full time.

She is now absolutely killing it in the wedding industry (and making more cashola than ever before!) So when we were on the hunt for a brand new coach, bringing her on board was an absolute no-brainer.

She is mama to two tiny terrors, married to her lover who is equal parts charming and annoyingAF, self confessed over-sharer where nothing is off limits, pro at eating all the food (not so much the cooking) and a recovering perfectionist...

By the end of our time together, you’ll:

  • Have a sustainable business model bringing you in more money than ever before
  • Be crystal clear on your unique style and all the amazing things you have to offer
  • Have a proven strategy to ensure you’re always getting consistent enquiries and able to convert these into bookings
  • Feel confident charging your worth and showcasing your value
  • Have a clear marketing plan to attract your dream couples on the reg and content that speaks to them directly to showcase what you’re all about.
  • Have systems and processes in place to save you heaps of time and make admin easy peasy for you and your couples.
  • Be tracking your finances like a boss to ensure your Love Biz is making a profit
  • Be fully embracing your new role as CEO of your incredible business!

 I see you all the way down here… wanna know more?
Here’s all the nitty gritty:

Let’s recap everything you’ll get:

💜 Coaching, inspiration, guidance and accountability from an experienced 6-figure wedding pro - PRICELESS

💜 2 x personalised 1:1 strategy sessions to map out your big biz goals and create a plan of action to get you there - valued at $1200

💜 Fortnightly group coaching sessions and business workshops where you’ll get direct support from Laura and her epic team of coaches  - valued at $2400

💜 Monthly LIVE Masterclasses from an epic line up of experts in all areas of business to ensure your Love Biz is geared up for success, sustainability and growth - valued at $900

💜 24/7 access to the CEO Hub (AKA all the content you need to build and scale the business of your dreams via an online library of over 60 videos!) - valued at $1999

💜 Over 100 bite-sized modules of goodness on essential aspects of your business:

⭐ Top tips for preventing ghosting

⭐ How to sell yourself when you don’t have much ‘experience’

⭐ Systems to save you heaps of time

⭐ How to pitch yourself to wedding venues

⭐ How to choose the best marketing avenues for your biz

💜 24/7 to the CEO Lounge (AKA our exclusive Facebook community of like-minded legends where you’ll always be supported, find inspiration and make lifelong friendships and biz besties!) - PRICELESS

💜 Access to all the previous masterclasses

💜 Weekly accountability check ins to keep you focussed and on track with your 90-day plan - valued at $600

💜 Review and feedback on whatever you're working on to ensure you're always making progress  - valued at $1200

💜 Challenges, bonuses and incentives to fast-track your biz growth


That's over $7500  worth of value!!



Ebony Smith

‘When I first met Laura, I was fairly new to the industry, overwhelmed and confused. With her willingness to share and guide me through many elements of the industry, I know I’m now on the other end of the spectrum and my business in thriving’


Claire Whitbread

‘I have learnt so much from all of Laura’s programs. They are all well structured with lots of information and Laura is always there to give you the push you need’


Sally Thomas

‘What never ceases to amaze me is just how much I learn with from every single interaction with Laura. There are plenty of marketing courses (I've done a few) but Laura also becomes captain of your fan club offering support and encouragement as well as all the practical stuff’


Sarah-Jane Laing

‘Laura literally knows everything I'm trying to accomplish, the challenges I'm facing and provides practical advice on how to get there! She delivers everything in inspiring ways and makes you feel like a mate from the get-go!’

So right now, you've got two choices...

 You can keep wishing for that dream life. You can keep trying to do it all on your own. Wasting heaps of time, a shedload of money, feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed (and saying WTF on the daily!) 🤬



You can decide that you’re done with playing it small and you’re ready to go ALL IN! It’s time to invest in yourself, learn from an expert who will support, guide and share their industry knowledge, surround yourself with likeminded legends and create the business of your dreams! 👑

It’s time to make 2024 your year!

I think you know which one makes sense! 


What's the investment 

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What's the investment?


13 x 259

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Pay In Full


One Time Payment



7 x $575

Payment Plan



14 x $289

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