The Love Biz Start Up


Say hello to Australia’s ONLY business course exclusively for wedding suppliers!

It’s time to turn your ideas into income and passion into profit - are you ready?



Georgia Fletcher

Looking back after the course, I actually miss it! I learned and took on board so much useful and practical information in such a short amount of time. This course is an absolute game changer and Laura is one of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet.


Mel Foster

Laura has adapted my thinking to allow me to have all the tools in my tool box to turn the best job ever into an even greater job!!


Tayla Walker

This course was out of this world helpful! Especially as a relatively "newbie" to the industry and i’m so glad I invested the time and money into this!


Jane Dawson

Just fantastic! Definitely recommend this course for anyone no matter how long you have been in the biz. Laura is energetic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable .

Are you feeling… 

  • Overwhelmed with where to start bringing your business to life?
  • Unsure how to make yourself stand out from the thousands of other wedding suppliers?
  • Confused with how much to charge and what to include in your packages?
  • Out of the loop because it seems like everyone else’s businesses are booming and you're still feeling stuck?
  • Bamboozled with how to use social media to market yourself?
  • Discouraged that you’re not getting heaps of enquiries through each week?

If you’re furiously nodding your head to any of these things, then The Love Biz Start Up is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

And the best part?

It’s all online so you can build your business without even getting out of your pyjamas! #winning

This course is one of a kind.

You will not find anything else like this out there!


In fact, it’s everything you need to create an epic Love Biz, jam-packed into 6 juicy AF online modules!

Are you ready to go from:

  • confused
  • overwhelmed
  • stressed


  • confident
  • focused
  • and ready to turn your passion into profit?

Whether you’re just starting out in the wedding industry, or your biz isn't where you want it to be right now – this course has absolutely everything you need to build the most profitable, thriving wedding business!

Hey, I’m Laura!

Like you, I initially started my business feeling super pumped about finally chasing my dream and embarking on a career in the business of LOVE…

BUT at the same time, I found it super overwhelming trying to take all my ideas and turn them into a thriving business because it seemed like there was so much to do...

Like where do you even begin?

What followed was:

HEAPS of time wasted googling and getting nowhere

SO MUCH money down the drain buying things I didn’t really need

MONTHS of hard work and effort just ‘winging it’ trying to bring my business to life

And after spending years working in weddings and meeting others in the industry, I realised that I wasn’t the only one!

There seemed to be a common theme amongst my fellow wedding pros…

They all had zero idea how to get started and no real support with how to do it!

They felt confused, stressed and stuck because they’d never been a small business owner before and it all just seemed… well frankly, a little overwhelming!

Sound familiar?

This is the exact reason why I created the Love Biz Academy!

To help YOU turn your incredible ideas, passion and creativity into an epic, thriving business without all the sleepless nights and WTF moments! YAY!


  I’m guessing you started your Love Biz because you’re fun, creative and wanted to do something that gives you a BUZZ.

You want more than just sitting at a desk 9 to 5, all day every day…

You want work-life balance, a job that fits around your family, kids, hobbies and other commitments…

I promise, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You can have all those things!

And I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.

I was able to take my Love Biz full time, whilst juggling my corporate 9-5...

And now I want to share my knowledge, experience, tips and tricks and insider knowledge with YOU!

I want you to get there FASTER

With MORE MONEY in the bank

And having heaps of FUN along the way!

In just a few weeks you’ll be clear on the direction for your biz, start taking action and getting those bookings rolling in!

Sounds awesome right?? 

Don’t just take my word for it!

I need these results!!

This self-paced online course is everything you need to:

  • Develop a solid brand strategy that makes you stand out
  • Craft a marketing plan to find and attract your ideal couples
  • Design epic packages with prices that value your worth
  • Plan a fab customer journey which your couples love
  • Streamline your processes to save you heaps of time
  • Create content to attract your dream couples
  • Sell yourself with confidence and turn those enquiries into bookings!

What you'll get

  • 6 modules on key aspects of your wedding biz for you to dive into at your own pace
  • 12 month access to all the content so you can revisit it as and when you need to
  • Coaching, inspiration, guidance and accountability from an experienced wedding pro
  • Heaps of workbooks, cheat sheets, templates and checklists with all the info you need to take your biz to the next level (these are yours FOREVER!)
  • Access to our Facebook community for support, inspiration and a place to ask all your burning questions
  • Tips, tricks and strategies to help BOOM your business

Actionable learning that will get you results FAST!


Pan Ward

I have levelled up my biz with practical tips and formed amazing networks. Laura so generously shares advice. You won’t regret it!


Haidee Sullivan

This course gave me some incredibly valuable and practical business advice; assisted me in the creation of my business identity and gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my worth!


Michelle Cedro

This course really shook my business up!!! Laura is full of knowledge and so open and honest about how to make our businesses 1000% better! I cannot recommend The Love Biz Academy enough!


Claire Myc

This course was money well spent! The modules were all so carefully put together with so much knowledge and experience behind them. I only wish I did the course sooner!


Don’t waste your time and hard earned money making the same mistakes I did!

Let me teach you how you can FAST TRACK your success and make your business go BOOM!

It’s time to say ‘bye felicia’ to confusion, sleepless nights and WTF moments and hello to your awesome new Love Biz!

The Modules

1. Nail your foundations

You’ll be laying the foundations for the long term success by getting crystal clear on your biz goals and vision for your Love Biz!

You'll define your unique selling point and clarify the types of weddings you really want to do and the types of couples you really want to work with!

We’ll also be discussing the best gear and systems to purchase so you feel confident to bring your ideas to life!

2. Build your brand

You’ll be diving deep into your business values, crafting your vision and brand voice ready to bring that Love Biz to life with some epic visuals!

We’ll be talking about how to create something unique that showcases how incredible you are and makes you stand out - including logos, fonts and those all important key messages.

3. Craft your offer


In this module you'll learn all my insider tips and tricks to creating incredible packages that your couples can't refuse!

You'll learn how to showcase your value and sell with confidence.

Most importantly, we'll be discussing all things price and what to charge to make sure you're always making a profit! 

4. Grow your audience 


There’s no use being the best in the biz if no one knows you exist right? 

It’s time to refine your messaging! 

You'll learn the best ways to find and attract your ideal couples, get yourself seen and make sure you have a solid marketing plan that's getting you consistent enquiries and a huge return on investment! 

5. Create your processes


In this module you’ll get crystal clear on exactly how you’ll be working with couples from the moment they enquire all the way to the big day.

You’ll learn ways to streamline and automate your processes so your couple enjoy every moment, and you save yourself heaps of time!

I’ll also share some of my templates, time-saving hacks and the systems and tools I use every day in my business.

6. Prep for success


It's time to get mentally and physically prepared for the launch of this incredible business of yours!

We'll be chatting all about the important of mindset in the world of small business, as well as making sure you have a suite of incredible resources and templates in your box of tricks.

I'll also be talking you through my sales process and share some of the tools I use to engage and communicate with current and future couples.


Wanna know what the last group of Love Legends had to say?


This course is perfect for you if:

  • You're new to the industry and want to make sure your business is set up for success from the start
  • You've been in business for a while but you’re not getting the amount of bookings you’d like or your Love Biz isn’t where you want it to be right now
  • You're looking for practical simple lessons to learn how to do this with ease
  • You want something that’s easy to implement
  • You’re serious about creating an amazing business that you’re proud of
  • You know there’s more to life than the 9-5 hustle and you’ve decided it’s time to become your own boss!
  • You want a brand that represents YOU and attracts your dream couples
  • You want to start charging your worth and making a decent profit from a job you love
  • You want to save time by streamlining your processes
  • You want to improve your couples experience with systems that are easy peasy
  • You’re ready to go all in and make this biz a huge success!!

This course isn’t for you if:

  • You’re happy just trundling along making mistakes
  • You’re happy wasting money on things you don’t need
  • You don’t need the support and guidance from someone who’s been in the industry for years
  • You don’t want a thriving profitable business
  • You’re don’t need to save any time
  • You’re not willing to commit to do the work

I see you all the way down here! You wanna know more?

Here’s all the nitty gritty


So right now you’ve got two choices…

1. Keep trying to do it all by yourself, wasting heaps of time, a shedload of money, feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed (and saying WTF on the daily!)


2. Or you can invest in yourself, learn from an expert who will support, guide and share their industry knowledge, surround yourself with likeminded legends and be handed a proven blueprint to success!

I think you know which one makes sense!

This course is everything you need to create an epic Love Biz, jam-packed into a fun, interactive course!

Let's recap everything you get:

  • 6 incredible modules of content accessible instantly
  • Over 30 bite-sized training videos on essential aspects of your wedding biz including:
    • How to know what you should be charging
    • How to create a signature offer couples can't refuse
    • Systems to save you heaps of time
    • Nailing the vision for your biz
    • How to choose the best marketing avenues for your biz
  • 12 month access to all the content, so you can re-visit it whenever you need!
  • Inspiration and guidance from an experienced wedding pro
  • Access to our incredible Facebook community with for support from likeminded legends
  • Love Biz Action Plan so you can map out your biz goals and to-do list with ease!
  • Heaps of workbooks, cheat sheets, templates and checklists with all the info you need to take your biz to the next level (these are yours FOREVER!) including:
    • Brand Strategy
    • Marketing Plan template
    • Packages template
  • Heaps of insider tips, tricks and strategies to BOOM you business
  • Actionable learning that will get you results fast!

The total value of all this goodness is over $2750!!

For this game-changing course you pay only:

Payment Plan

$349 x 3


Pay In Full


Wahoo! Let's do this!!!